Fast Grass 40 oz , 5 mm urethane shock- pad, 3/4” Pile height. GREEN                                                             Crafted in the USA

Fast Grass 40 oz , 5 mm urethane shock- pad, 3/4” Pile height. GREEN Crafted in the USA

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This product is available in 12' and 15' goods (roll width).
Minimum sale:  12' x 1'. Maximum roll size 15' x 100'

This non-rubber infilled turf has all the advantages of previous generations and perform even higher in wear and resistance tests. The blend of nylon and polyethylene is an almost perfect 50/50 combination. This gives you the true ball roll of a traditional nylon field, with the softness of the new generation rubber-filled turf. No rubber infill makes maintenance easier, and up to 10% cooler. These systems can also be portable with added 4” or 8” velcro. 


·         Baseball

·         Football

·         Indoor

·         Lacrosse

·         Soccer


All syntehtic turf orders of 5,000 square ft or more include free shipping within the United States.

Customer is responsible for off-loading rolls at delivery. Equipment and man power may be required and should be provided by customer / contractor. 


Standard Colors:
  Field Green

Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer -  52% Polyethylene

Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer - 48% Nylon

Yarn Cross Section - Polyethylene Slit-Film/Texturized Nylon

UV Stabilized - Yes

Fabric Construction - Tufted

Primary Backing - Dual layered woven polypropylene

Coating Type(s) - 5mm Polyurethane Foam w/fleece

Perforations - Custom Only 

Polyethylene (Slit-Film) Yarn Denier/Ends - 5040/1

Texturized Nylon Denier/Ends(Thatch) - 4400/8 

Pile Height - 3/4”

Face Weight - 40 oz.

ISO 9001 Quality Assured: Yes

Fade warranty: 8 years fade warranty

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